christine cheung


  • Software Engineering Manager.
    I've led and managed teams at Redfin, Truss and 18F.
  • I was one of the original founder of PyLadies. I've subsequently given talks at PyCon and DjangoCon.


  • Band nerd.
  • Gigged all over Los Angeles playing rock, pop, ska, and reggae.
  • Been on the Warped Tour.
  • Played countless many winters with the Jackson Hole Jazz Foundation.
  • Now proudly playing for GFBLA, LLS Orchestra, Eisner Intergenerational Big Band, and the Arcadia Trombone Society.


  • World traveler, foodie, snowboarder, Los Angeles Kings hockey fan.
  • Vespa enthusiast. I've riden in Baja Mexico and all the way up the west coast of the United States into Vancouver, Canada.
  • I've seen red pandas in four continents, and it is a goal of mine to see them in two more! (And also visit Antarctica. I know there are no red pandas there.)